Classic Deep Cleansing Facial

This facial is designed to eliminate all impurities from your skin using the highest quality products according to your skin type. Our scrub and re-hydrating techniques will make your skin feel and look new.

75 min.
Cost: $75

After Sun Facial with Collagen and Aloe Vera Mask

_MG_7449The perfect combination to regenerate your skin after sun exposure. We will begin with a cleansing facial to prepare your skin to be able to receive all the natural benefits that collagen and aloe vera provide. Your skin will feel fresh and renewed.

75 min.
Cost: $80

Lifting Facial and Eye Treatment (Immediate Results)

This is the perfectly designed facial for those delicate parts of the face such as the eye area. By using Kobido massage special techniques that return elasticity to your skin this facial will get rid of those tiny wrinkles.

90 min.
Cost: $100

Seasonal Facial

hathorf3This mini-facial will help deep cleanse your skin and provide vitamins from our seasonal fruit masks made for you at the moment.

45 min.
Cost: $55


Los precios aplican con tarjetas de crédito. 10% de descuento si el pago se realiza en efectivo.

Prices apply with credit cards. 10% discount if payment is made in cash.