About Me

My name is Nadia Cambronero, I have had studies in the area of aesthetics for over 10 years. I am really passionate about the world of massages, especially holistic massage.

I decided to create my own business, and as opening a local was not my idea from the beginning, I have provided home services for the convenience of my clients.

Making exceptional massages that integrate body, mind and spirit has been my motto. My commitment to my work has made a difference for my clients and me. Always love what you do, never look at it as a job, rather as a way of giving welfare to people. The love received is infinite and there is no money in the world to pay the thousands of blessings that each client gives you.

My studies as a beauty professional started simultaneously with my aesthetics studies. Over the years I have been working in the wedding market, especially in Guanacaste; however, I can easily move throughout the country.

Makeup is something I love every person is a blank canvas for me and I love to see their happiness when they look in the mirror.


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